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Charter of Commitment

Charter of Commitment regarding digital resources and intellectual property rights 

As a part of their educative mission for all the ICP students, and more particularly for students with disabilities, ICP Faculty use in their teaching digital media and digital resources whenever it is possible. 

The ICP student community must be aware that they have to abide by this Charter : they must respect the confidentiality of these digital media and digital resources and the intellectual property rights of their authors. 

ICP students are not allowed to record, to reproduce, to copy nor to disseminate the teachings of their professors, except in exceptional cases when this has been approved by the professor in order to help a student who could not attend the class. 

We must remind you that counterfeiting and more generally failure to comply with the intellectual property rights is subject to civil penalties and penal sanctions (cf article L335-2 in the intellectual property code which provides for  financial sanctions and imprisonment in cases of counterfeiting, disregarding the bad faith on the part of the person who initiated the offense). Such acts can also be punished by disciplinary actions on the part of the ICP authorities.